Edgar Lungu looking Presidential
I am just a humble citizen who wants to understand our constitution so that I can follow the national events properly.
I have no legal or constitutional authority whatsoever to interpret the our Constitution, so please take my reflections here as one of a mere citizen reading the constitution.
I cracked the night going through the constitution relating to the election of the President, Presidential occupancy crisis, election petition, assuming of office and tenure of a President.
The article relating to this, in our Constitution are dealt with in details starting from Article 99 going down to Article 106.
Article 99 simply declares the Electoral Commission Chairman as the returning officer for the Presidential election.
Article 100 talks about the qualification and disqualification of who can be nominated as President.
I note with interest that, in the current Constitution, anyone who is Zambian by birth or decent can be a candidate for Presidency, so watch-out for Zayelo in 2021.
Article 101 prescribes the majoritarian election of a President (50%+1).
This article also talks about an electoral petition within 7 days of the losers are not satisfied.
However, it does not talk about who acts as President when there is an electoral petition at this stage (first round).
This article ends with a clause that, if no one obtains 50%+1, then there should be a re-run.
Article 102 dwells on the eventualities, such as death, resignation due to health, that may happen to the Presidential candidate before a re-run and who can takeover.
Of a particular interest is the fact that, the Constitution Court can disqualify a Presidential candidate who had participated in the first round from standing in the re-run.
This is what the UPND have asked the Concourt to do (to disqualify ECL from re-run should their petition succeed).
Article 103 talks about election petition relating to a re-run.
Just like in the first round petition, the constitution declares that the Concourt will hear the case within 14 days.
If the election is nullified, then another election should be held within 37 days after the day of ruling.
Article 104 comes in with power transition before the President elect assumes office.
This article clearly says that, the Speaker takes over the limited Presidential powers.
HOWEVER, THIS TRANSITION IS SPECIFICALLY APPLIED TO ARTICLE 103. Now, as I have already said, this article deals with petition in a re-run and not the first round (article 101).
Just to give an example, the election we had, was a first round and President Lungu was declared winner on the basis of Article 101.
It also follows that, the petition that should be raised should be based on 101 and there is no mention of the speaker in this article.
However, the question that one may ask is, who rules the Country when the petition is based on article 101 (first round)?
Article 106 talks of the tenure of the President and it clearly states that, the President will hold office for 5 years and he will only give up power when a new President assumes office.
The only instances when the President will transfer or relinquish power is when he is he or she is incapable or impeached.
However, there is no mention of article 101 (first round petition as we have it currently).
Article 105 talks about swearing-in of the President.
This article says that the President should be sworn-in on the seventh day after the date of the declaration of the Presidential election results,if no petition has been filed in accordance with Article 103.
TAKENOTE: “if no petition has been filed in accordance with Article 103.”
It goes further to give an alternative date if there is a petition (according to article 103), that the President will assume office on the seventh day after the Concourt declaration of election being valid.
The article further goes on to talk about eventualities that may occur to the President elect before he is sworn-in. Basically it bring in the running mate that she or she can takeover if the President elect is not able to be sworn-in for whatever reason.
Of particular interest in this article what is says at the end:
“the Vice-President or the President-elect shall serve for the unexpired term of office and be deemed, for the purposes of clause
(3)— (a)to have served a full term as President if, at the date on which the President assumed office,at least three years remain before the date of the next general election;or
(b)not to have served a term of office as President if,at the date on which the President assumed office, less than three years remain before the date of the next general election.”
Clearly, with that conclusion, you should not be surprised when PF seasoned Lawyer comes up to say, President Lungu should run for another term in 2021.
This is what I spent my night reading, make your own sense as you wait for the Concourt to deal with the petition filed by the UPND.


Constitutional Judges sworn

Realizing that, filing the petition on Monday might make President Lungu be sworn-in while the lawyers are still looking for the Attorney General to serve him the petition, UPND rushed to Concourt this afternoon to file their petition.
A swam of UPND lawyers filed in the petition this afternoon at the supreme court where the Concourt is housed.
In the petition, the UPND states that President-Elect Edgar Lungu was fraudulently elected and as such his presidency elect status must be nullified.
The petition further states that there is need for a recount of the total votes cast across the Country due to numerous irregularities that were gathered before, during and after the elections.
And the petition stipulates that President-elect Edgar Lungu and his running mate Inonge Wina must not be sworn in as dully elected, citing their allowance of cabinet minister’s stay in office even if the Constitution did not permit.
The petitioners of the presidential elections are Mr Hakainde Hichilema, UPND President and his running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.
On the other hand the notion that President Edgar Lungu should vacate office and hand over power to the Speaker when the UPND files its election petition has been challenged in the Constitutional Court.
An urgent application, by way of an originating summons, seeking for an interpretation of Article 104(3) of the Constitution, was filed in the Concourt yesterday.
Celestine Mukandila, a lawyer, represented by Shamwana and Company, said Article 101 did not make any such provision, but that such a provision only arose under Article 103 in the event of a re-run or indeed when none of the candidates could garner the 50 percent threshold.
The Concourt has been asked to interpret the section as a matter of urgency.
The legal mind behind Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI), Isaac Mwanza has said that President Edgar Lungu should continue to perform the executive function until the President-elect is sworn into office even after the opposition files its petition against his re-election
At the moment President Lungu is still ruling the Country and I confirmed with Amos Chanda, Special Assistant to the President for press and Public Relations.
Amos also refuted the statement circulating on social media that Speaker of the National Assembly has take over.
Amos warned that, forging a statement in his name is criminal and he would have it reported to the Police.
Below is a forged statement purported to have been issued by Amos Chanda:
Republican Acting President Matibini has asked Zambians to remain Calm and Peaceful during this trying moment. The president has asked members of the public to treasure peace and allow the courts to deal with issues affecting our great nation.
President Matibini will with immediate effect take charge of the affairs of running the country as per provisions of our constitution.
The Acting president will address the nation both on TV and on radio soon once all modalities are concluded.
Issued by:
Amos Chanda
Special Assistant to the President for press and Public Relations.


The Zambian Voice Press Statement on The 2016 General Elections -18th August, 2016

Firstly we would like to commend the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) for the job well done.

ECZ prepared for the 11th August general election and the referendum very well.

Most of all, we are happy that ECZ were very transparent every step of the way and the involved all stakeholders.

ECZ were also very patient and tolerant to all the views and concerns expressed by all stakeholders especially political parties.

During the day of elections, ECZ conducted the elections very efficiently such that most polling stations opened and closed at the right time after serving the electorates that turned up to vote.

The management of results was also very transparent because all political parties were allowed to verify the figures before they were finally announced.

We would also like to commend the police for securely the Country as a whole and all the electoral process, such that citizens voted peacefully.

As Zambian Voice we participated in the preparation of elections and monitored the voting and the announcement of results.

We are glad to state that the elections were transparent, free and fair according to our constitution and the international standards for holding a credible and democratic election.
We therefore commend all Zambians and all those who participated in this election.

While we affirm that the last elections were transparent, free and fair, we recognize that, there were a few incidences that did not go according to the expectations of the ECZ and other stakeholders, however, we believe that those incidences could not change the outcome of this election.

It is normal to have a few hiccups in a huge process such as the just ended elections because it involves a lot of activities and individuals with different character and motives.

Therefore, it is unreasonable for anyone to over emphasize the few negatives of the last election and discredit the all process.

What is of more concern is that, there have been people who have been antagonist and discrediting the process right from the beginning.

Some stakeholders have been speculative of almost everything relating to the elections.

During the registration of voters, some stakeholders alarmed the nation that ECZ had registered 500, 000 voters with a view to rig the 2016 elections. This speculation ended up with some members of a named political party being in court charged with criminal offenses relating to the same rumors.

The printing of ballot papers was also a subject of speculation and suspicion. However, all the stakeholders who witnessed the printing of ballot papers in Dubai proved that, there was nothing sinister in the awarding of the tender and the printing of ballot papers.

ECZ was put under pressure during the distribution of electoral material throughout the Country as the same stakeholders intercepted trucks carrying ECZ material.

During voting, eminent lawyers rose on point of order alleging that some people were voting more than once (6 times) but no one was proven to have had voted 6 times.

The issue of verifying of results was also a tedious task for the ECZ because some political parties did not have representatives in some polling stations and yet they were querying the results transmitted.

In other instances, some political representatives were dodging the signing of the GEN12 (primary source document of the ECZ to enter results) if their candidate did not do well.

Some political representatives were also communicating different results, other than what they had signed for, to their superiors at Mulungushi were the final verification was being done before the announcement.

These incidences caused the delay in announcing of results and the discrediting of the process by some political parties.

It is within the rights of any stakeholder to petition the results following the legal processes. However, we are concern with the provocative and inciting statements coming from the opposition, especially the United Party for National Development (UPND).

We have noticed with dismay the some statements coming from the UPND leadership.

While President Lungu has been preaching peace and unity, the UPND leadership is issuing provocative and inciting statements, stating that the Patriotic Front (PF) have stolen their vote and urging their members not to accept the results but rather take President Hakainde Hichilema and his running mate as the winners of the just ended 2016 elections.

This is very unfortunate and we would like to urge the UPND to refrain from issuing such statement but rather take their petition to the Constitutional court in dignity without being their own judges.

We also wish to urge the Constitutional Judges to exercise the ultimate wisdom as they consider the evidence and the situation in the Country so that they can pass a ruling that will reflect the will of the majority as expressed in the last election as soon as they analyse all facts when should the petition be launched.

It is unfair to the majority Zambians that, a few people would hold the Country at ransom that, unless they get the power then that is when there will be peace and unity.

Democracy should not only be accepted when things favors the individual interests and ambitions but the majority.

Thank- you

Chilufya Tayali
Executive Director


HH looking fiece

If you have ever been through a painful divorce you would agree with me how depressing it is. I don’t know if I am just emotionally weak but I doubt if I will ever recover from it.

Divorce is more painful than a deep physical cut on your body, it is more devastating than the loss of a job or wealth.

A person who is emotionally broken out of divorce, will not apply himself to work, he will not associate with his friends well, therefore he or she faces difficulties in the community and it affects everyone.

The children of a divorced couple, automatically becomes vulnerable in many different ways such that you need to pray constantly that God intervenes to compensate for the deficiencies that come out of divorce of their parents.

Divorce comes about when two people fail to agree or appreciate each other, but mostly one of the two becomes unreasonably selfish and ignores the difficulties that he or she will subject everybody else just for them to follow their individual desires or ambitions.

At times people are influenced by others such as relatives or friends or new lovers, etc, however it all boils down to one person being selfish and refusing to consider all those affected in their decision.

I relate what is happening in our Country to divorce, because I know the pain and the consequences. We have a situation of two people (Edgar Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema) like in marriage and they want to break our Country in two and we the citizens are the children.

I heard President Lungu yesterday trying by all means to preach peace like a man who is pleading with his wife not to divorce. He tried so hard that he was even making promises that he will appoint some of the relatives of this woman (Southerners and Westerners) who has become so difficult and threatening divorce.

I was also very happy on how President Lungu referred to Late Michael Sata, like a mother who never divorced his husband in spite of the difficulties that she went through. I must say, that, I have never heard President Lungu speak so fondly and appreciative of Sata than he did yesterday. I was really touched and my heart sobbed.

Many young ladies, bubbled with gender agenda principles think that, their mothers stayed in marriages because their fathers were better than their husbands, not knowing that they mothers wetted their pillows in tears every other night, but they stayed so that they can give their children a life they have as divas today.

If any marriage has to be saved from divorce, honesty has come be there, to bring out what are the real issues that the two are going through. Both parties must be magnanimous with the truth.

The two must also behave an attitude of give and take. There is no way, you can save a breaking marriage when it is only one person who is willing to concede mistakes and trying to make good of the situation.

From the way President Lungu spoke, I am relatively convinced that he wants oneness in this Country, and he is willing to give up something to preserve that unity.

However, truth be told, I don’t see willingness from Mr. Hakainde Hichilema to keep peace and unity if his desires to be Republican President are not realized.

President Hichilema is all bent on having Presidency at all cost and he does not seem to care about anything else, just like a young lady, pregnant with genda agenda code, which does not prescribe anything about sacrifice and give and take principles for the sake of marriage, children, dependants living in the same house, relatives and friends connected to the couple.

Just like in marriage, President Lungu and the PF may not be perfect, and President Hichilema may have suffered a bit of injustice democratically, but does it warrant the chaos and disunity that HH and his colleagues have been preaching about?

HH and his colleagues in UPND have been threatening Armageddon if they will not be given power, surely, is that a good attitude for people who love their Country like a good mother who loves her family?

President Sata twice cried, that his votes had been stolen and many of his supporters were ready to go to war to defend what they believed to be their victory, but he restrained them and never even went to court.

Imagine the cost that this Country would pay if the court would nullify (which I doubt would happen) the last election. The last three months has been tense due to the campaigns and it is a miracle that the elections pasted incidence free.

Who would want to go back to the emotional stress of the elections as we had them? How much will this Country lose, knowing the economic difficulties we have as a nation?

Does HH know, how his supporters are being hated because of his selfishness to get power at all cost?

How much will President Lungu do to restrain his supporters when HH is inciting his cadres to shout that elections have been stolen by useless and drunkard Lungu? Writing hate speech on social media by people who are not even in the Country.

I have many Tongas and Lozis asking me to tell the PF supporters from mocking them and threatening violence against them, but is anyone thinking of the fear that the PF supporters had if HH had won this election?

Just think for a moment how Zambia would have been for the PF members and all those that supported President Lungu if HH had won this election.

Nonetheless, President Lungu is preaching peace and truth be told, the PF have behaved maturely because I have not heard of anyone who has been beaten by the PF for supporting UPND and HH.

Of course they maybe some incidences here and there but I think President Lungu has tried to control his members and supporters.

Let’s face it, the peace of this Country lays in the hands of HH. If only HH can be reasonable and altruistic, to let go of whatever grief he has resulting from the last election, peace would be restored in this Country and we will get back to our normal life.

As long as HH keep fighting and calling President Lungu, PF members, PF supporters and ECZ, names that they stole his victory, no one can guarantee peace because these people may react and President Lungu will be too far away stop them.

HH has to show patriotism and back down from all bitterness, like a caring woman who loves her family, and for once show true leadership even if he is not Republican President.

If anyone wants to help or is scared for his or her life, let them talk to HH because he holds the key to this peace.


ECL and HH
I have great news for you, if you are PF and you are worried, that is your problem – I am not; and if you are UPND and you are celebrating, I advise you to take a chill pill because you might be disappointed – I will not.
Firstly let me emphasize that, the only official communicator of results is ECZ, so treat all other assumptions, analysis, PVT and rumors as something to keep you entertained as we wait for the official results from ECZ.
However, since many are spreading their figures, assumptions and analysis, allow me to give you my point of view.
From our figures and analysis, it looks like Edgar Changwa Lungu (ECL) might win this election with about 1,888,113, representing 54.2% of the total valid votes cast against Hakainde Hichilema (HH) who is likely to pour about 1,650,126 votes, representing 47.4% of the total valid cast.
The above assumption is based in the official results communicated by ECZ, unofficial results from our people in the field and assumed – worked out figures – in places where we do not have figures from our people.
As at about 08:20hrs, we have received results from 89 constituencies and ECL leading by 57,054 votes after poring 1,164,210 votes against HH who has 1,107,156 votes.
Check the worksheet at the end of this article.
Going by provinces we have the following:
Central Province ECL with 67,815 representing 25% of the total voters registered while HH has 96,484 votes representing 35% of the total registered voters.
Copperbelt Province ECL with 286,472 representing 34% of the total voters registered while HH has 152,696 votes representing 18% of the total registered voters.
Eastern Province ECL with 185,132 representing 35%of the total voters registered while HH has 40,087 votes representing 8%of the total registered voters.
Luapula Province ECL with 158,244 representing 43% of the total voters registered while HH has 23,776 votes representing 7% of the total registered voters.
Lusaka Province ECL with 257,371 representing 36% of the total voters registered while HH has 134,294 votes representing 19% of the total registered voters.
Muchinga Province ECL with 76,334 representing 40% of the total voters registered while HH has 13,619 votes representing 7% of the total registered voters.
Northern Province ECL with 66,798 representing 42% of the total voters registered while HH has 22,695 votes representing 14% of the total registered voters.
Northern Province ECL with 66,798 representing 42% of the total voters registered while HH has 22,695 votes representing 14% of the total registered voters.
North-Western Province ECL with 19,418 representing 7% of the total voters registered while HH has 145,517 votes representing 53% of the total registered voters.
Southern Province ECL with 36,618 representing 6% of the total voters registered while HH has 413,098 votes representing 63% of the total registered voters.
Western Province ECL with 10,008 representing 7% of the total voters registered while HH has 64,890 votes representing 47% of the total registered voters.
Percentage per province
Processing of votes at totaling centres has really take long in many areas and we are told that many areas were still have not yet brought ballot papers to the centres due to logistical challenges.
Therefore, to give you an indication of how we expect things to go, we have made some calculations based on the number of votes remaining in the provinces and then apply the percentages being obtained by candidates in the respective provinces to get estimated results.
Take note that this is a calculated assumption.
Please check the screen shot attached.Expected
With that work-out, we added what has been gotten in the respective provinces, taking into consideration an estimated total valid votes cast at 52% and we have safely arrived at an assumption that President Edgar Lungu is winning this election 54.2% and there will be no re-run
101 CENTRAL KATUBA 43,806 4,031 23,705
101 CENTRAL CHISAMBA 46,698 7,359 14,638
101 CENTRAL CHITAMBO 23,833 9,765 1,037
101 CENTRAL ITEZHITEZHI 39,563 1,937 23,422
101 CENTRAL KABWE CENTRAL 65,747 22,784 11,887
101 CENTRAL MUMBWA 44,960 3,860 20,054
101 CENTRAL LUFUBU 9,080 18,079 1,741
TOTAL 273,687 67,815 96,484
102 COPPERBELT CHINGOLA 69,165 18,117 14,981
102 COPPERBELT NCHANGA 47,867 18,099 8,568
102 COPPERBELT KALULUSHI 57,550 19,587 11,953
102 COPPERBELT CHIMWEMWE 58,325 21,631 9,740
102 COPPERBELT KAMFINSA 43,108 15,480 7,350
102 COPPERBELT KWACHA 70,184 24,582 11,632
102 COPPERBELT NKANA 49,093 18,461 8,692
102 COPPERBELT WUSAKILE 47,485 18,647 7,776
102 COPPERBELT LUANSHYA 54,377 16,924 9,263
102 COPPERBELT ROAN 35,277 12,799 6,122
102 COPPERBELT KAFULAFUTA 22,360 4,988 4,979
102 COPPERBELT MASAITI 30,998 6,421 7,794
102 COPPERBELT MPONGWE 42,209 6,677 11,297
102 COPPERBELT KANKOYO 24,636 8,755 4,316
102 COPPERBELT MUFULIRA 34,756 11,827 5,399
102 COPPERBELT BWANA MKUBWA 54,673 20,571 7,586
102 COPPERBELT CHIFUBU 51,824 20,260 8,342
102 COPPERBELT KABUSHI 52,327 22,646 6,906
TOTAL 846,214 286,472 152,696
103 EASTERN CHADIZA 39,007 15,340 4,414
103 EA STERN CHIPATANGULI 53,801 19,284 3,502
103 EASTERN CHIPATA CENTRAL 65,781 25,857 6,844
103 EASTERN MILANZI 30,947 12,171 2,174
103 EASTERN CHASEFU 49,188 17,708 3,641
103 EASTERN LUMEZI 47,575 10,165 2,952
103 EASTERN LUNDAZI 59,904 22,078 4,975
103 EASTERN KAUMBWE 24,243 9,169 1,084
103 EASTERN MSANZALA 35,681 14,321 1,244
103 EASTERN PETAUKE 65,489 23,738 1,999
103 EASTERN KAPOCHE 40,650 9,278 5,020
103 EASTERN VUBWE 18,441 6,023 2,238
TOTAL 530,707 185,132 40,087
104 LUAPULA CHEMBE 14,166 4,538 996
104 LUAPULA CHIENGE 56,559 13,772 3,760
104 LUAPULA KAWAMBWA 24,405 12,790 1,822
104 LUAPULA PAMBASHE 18,198 9,251 1,822
104 LUAPULA BAHATI 43,827 29,456 1,234
104 LUAPULA MANSA CENTRAL 60,008 23,716 4,589
104 LUAPULA MILENGE 18,466 7,650 1,576
104 LUAPULA MWASABOMBWE 25,251 10,455 1,931
104 LUAPULA MAMBILIMA 18,667 8,492 1,735
104 LUAPULA MWENSE 30,406 13,863 1,915
104 LUAPULA BANGWEULU 54,391 24,261 2,396
TOTAL 364,344 158,244 23,776
105 LUSAKA KAFUE 62,685 16,914 18,774
105 LUSAKA FEIRA 13,227 5,733 2,362
105 LUSAKA KANYAMA 136,198 37,720 32,029
105 LUSAKA LUSAKA CENTRAL 81,236 30,223 18,259
105 LUSAKA MANDEVU 148,889 56,749 16,756
105 LUSAKA MATELO 130,408 57,222 18,388
105 LUSAKA MUNALI 144,284 52,810 27,726
TOTAL 716,927 257,371 134,294
106 MUCHINGA CHISALI 44,597 23,085 1,676
106 MUCHINGA ISOKA 33,670 13,567 4,676
106 MUCHINGA KACHIBIYA 36,949 8,079 1,741
106 MUCHINGA MFUWE 20,549 11,640 929
106 MUCHINGA NAKONDE 52,831 19,963 4,597
TOTAL 188,596 76,334 13,619
107 NORTHERN KAPUTA 31,880 11,152 7,979
107 NORTHERN KASAMA CENTRAL 65,636 25,321 9,537
107 NORTHERN LUBANSESHE 28,558 12,963 3,300
107 NORTHERN LUPOSOSHI 33,455 17,362 1,879
TOTAL 159,529 66,798 22,695
108 NORTH -WESTERN CHAVUMA 21,004 1,432 12,065
108 NORTH-WESTERN IKELENG’I 19,423 958 12,229
108 NORTH-WESTERN KASEMPA 36,560 1,572 19,075
108 NORTH-WESTERN MUFUMBWE 31,964 2,002 17,378
108 NORTH-WESTERN MWINILUNGA 55,239 1,911 33,801
108 NORTH-WESTERN SOLWEZI CENTRAL 81,344 9,958 35,655
108 NORTH-WESTERN ZAMBEZI EAST 27,965 1,585 15,314
TOTAL 273,499 19,418 145,517
109 SOUTHERN CHIKANKATA 37,601 1,028 24,711
109 SOUTHERN CHOMA CENTRAL 73,705 5,016 47,182
109 SOUTHERN DUNDUMWEZI 40,155 254 30,810
109 SOUTHERN KALOMO CENTRAL 53,236 1,524 37,350
109 SOUTHERN LIVINGSTONE 84,109 13,162 27,786
109 SOUTHERN MAGOYE 33,498 875 21,918
109 SOUTHERN MAZABUKA CENTRAL 57,648 6,235 31,173
109 SOUTHERN BWEENGWA 28,581 327 21,000
109 SOUTHERN MONZE CENTRAL 57,917 2,241 41,089
109 SOUTHERN MOOMBA 18,172 182 13,429
109 SOUTHERN NAMWALA 50,392 1,251 34,647
109 SOUTHERN PEMBA 34,013 428 25,418
109 SOUTHERN SIAVONGA 25,137 1,429 16,952
109 SOUTHERN SINAZONGWE 59,544 2,666 39,633
TOTAL 653,708 36,618 413,098
110 WESTERN KAOMA CENTRAL 25,616 2,018 11,349
110 WESTERN MONGU CENTRAL 59,400 4,271 28,260
110 WESTERN MULOBEZI 16,509 2,058 7,352
110 WESTERN SENANGA 36,831 1,661 17,929
TOTAL 138,356 10,008 64,890
7% 47%
GRAND TOTAL 4,145,567 1,164,210 1,107,156
Difference       57,054.00


DSC_0362The campaign period is officially over, we now await for polling stations to open at 06:00hrs.

We expect voting to go on till late in the night and possibly the following day in some remote areas due to logistical challenges.

Results are expected to start trickling into Mulungushi around 21:00hrs tomorrow.

We expect a bulk of results on 12th August 2016 but the final results might only be known on the 13th August 2016 which will be a Saturday.

However, we expect an electoral petition by Monday 15th from the losing Presidential candidate.

According to the new amendment constitution, the President will not be sworn-in immediately after being declared winner, this has to wait for 7 days to allow anyone with issues to petition the election.

The Constitutional Court is the one that is mandated to hear Presidential petition while MPs will go to the High Court. Local leaders will go to the tribunal for their petitions.

The Constitutional Court will have to hear the case within 14 days, therefore, if the losing candidate petition the results by 15th August 2016, the case will be disposed off by, or before, 29th August 2016.

Inauguration is likely to take place immediately after the Con Court ruling which should be around 25th (Thursday) or 26th (Friday) or 29th (Monday) or 30th.

During the petition period, the Speaker of The National Assembly takes over as caretaker of running Govt. The Speaker will also continue if the elections are nullified by the Con Court.

In case of a re-run, which is highly unlikely in this election, the President will continue running the Country until after the second round is held.

As The Zambian Voice we are monitoring the elections and we will keep you updated with official results as announced by ECZ.

We will also do some analysis and verification of figures.

We therefore urge you to stay close to our page and our website. We may also have press briefings at intervals when need arises.


The the main objective of The Zambian Voice is to promote good governance through democracy and that is why we have been supporting the PF and President Edgar Lungu.

Actually this morning I was on One Love Radio and I was saying that, I don’t like HH because he is too power hungry. People who are power hungry threaten democracy because they will do any thing to get or preserve power.

Unfortunately this afternoon, President Edgar Lungu just went over the bar and threatened the very democracy I have been fighting for when he spoke at a rally in Kitwe.

President Lungu said that, if I have to choose between peace and democracy, I would choose peace. He said that, he would ignore democracy to ensure peace. He even told journalist to go and report what he said.

This statement is debatable but I think it is not in good faith from my point of view as one who wants democracy to be preserved and sustained in this Country.

Clearly, the President went offside and I will not hesitate to raise the flag and flash a yellow card in the 81st minute of this campaign period.

I appreciate President Lungu wants to preserve peace, but it must be within the confines of the constitution which promotes democracy.

If President Lungu follows the constitution, he would not ignore or abrogate democracy, rather he will preserve and promote it.

This is why we are still some miles away in perfecting our constitution, because Presidential powers make people lose their cool and humility.

Our Constitution allows our President to feel like he is a small god not matter how small he may be, just like me.

President Lungu is a very humble and nice man but his statement today, exposed him, that power may be corrupting him. Those Presidential powers are getting into him.

Why do President Lungu say, they (UPND and HH) will see what he will do to them if they don’t accept the results in the coming elections.

In as much as I know that President Lungu will win this election, I will not standby and watch him become autocratic. Let him win this election democratically and rule this Country as such, and nothing sort of that.

If HH and the UPND would become unruly after losing elections, it is not President Lungu to punish them, rather it is the law. So there is no need, whatsoever, for him to say, they will see what “I” will do to them.

President Lungu has no powers to punish anyone, it is the law that should punish not him.

At times, the President says that he walks with a big stick, a big stick for want and for who? He does not need a big stick to rule this Country, rather he needs love for the people and respect for the law and this is why any Constitutional office holder including Presidents and Ministers swear to protect and preserve the Constitution.

Awe bane, lets just do politics nicely not getting over excited with the cheering crowds, mwalalufyanya, twalamimwenamo, ifwe tatufwaya ukwangala kuli (You will go wrong and we will censer you , because we don’t want to play with) democracy and good governance

It is the people that choose leaders and we are the masters, so please President Lungu respect democracy because that is where the power of the people lays otherwise you want to take away the people’s power.

Napwisha, Politics teyabana iyoo.


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